Nothing Man



who r u

I'm the NothingMan. I'm a French slacker who lives in the Touraine province. I work as a programmer and I like to talk about obscure stuff.

What kind of obscure stuff ?

Anything from surreal video games to obscure Christian literature but I will try to mainly focus on rather dark topics like true crime and horror media.

Why this hobby ?

I blame Scooby-Doo. It got me into horror, which lead me to weirder stuff when I got older to satisfy my curiosity

Other more normal interests ?

I also like movies, of which I have a pretty neat collection. My prized possession is an alien documentary that has only a couple of references on google.

Why a neocities site ?

It's just fun to make. I didn't need a really fancy site for my stuff, this comfy piece of coprolite html I made is enough.

Man, your english sucks

Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't really have the opportunuity to train my written english until now.

i want to talk / recommend something / warn you about its impending cometh

Twitter : @HiNothingMan

Email : nothingmanmedia@gmail.com