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The Nice Directory

Welcome to the Nice Directory: a directory for anything not-"Dark Directory".

Anything from politics to learning mandarin.

Please, do not hesitate to send suggestions.


ANNARCHIVE Virtual media and cyberspace archive.
Archiving Virtual Worlds Archive dedicated to the academic investigation and historical preservation of documentation of virtual worlds.
Attention K-Mart Shoppers Archive of Kmart recordings.
Bibliotheca Anonoma Internet Folklife Archive.
Curlie Massive web directory.
The Eye Archive of a lot of stuff (software, books, websites...).
LURKMORE Wiki Wiki about 4chan and its history.
Museum of Obsolete Media Collection of hundreds of obsolete physical media formats.
shitlib.com Library dedicated to taboo subjects.
sup/tg/ 4chan's tabletop boards' archives and resources.


4chan's /tv/ wikia 4chan's television and film board Wiki.
8kun's /film/ Non-mainstream cinema discussion board.
8thManDVD.com Remastered & restored classic cartoons.
DPRK Video Archive North Korean movies.
Flick Vault HD movies on YouTube.
Inter-Pathé Classic old movies.
Karim Debbache Dailymotion channel of Karim Debbache, French film reviewer notable for his two series: Crossed (reviews of video game related movies) and Chroma.
Korean Classic Film Korean Film Archive youtube channel.
Media History Digital Library Online archive of various collections of printed media on film and broadcasts.
National Film Board of Canada Canada's public film producer and distributor.
Oneiric Cinema List of dream-like movies.
Public Domain Films Public Domain films available on YouTube.


420chan Imageboard mainly dedicated to drugs and wrestling.
Lainchan Serial Experiments Lain-themed imageboard.
The Post Office Comfy Imageboard.
Uboachan Yume Nikki Imageboard.


/int/'s How to Learn A Foreign Language Guide 4chan /int/'s official language learning wiki.
DJT Guide Ressources for learning Japanese.


Purdue Online Writing Lab General writing resources.

Music and sounds

4chan's /mu/ wiki 4chan's music board Wiki.
Ambiance Drum n' Bass albums.
Artzie Music Future Funk music.
Electronic Gems Electronic music Youtube channel.
Freesound Database of sounds released under Creative Commons licenses.
latestation /late/'s webradio.
Oscilloscope Music Music made with oscillopscopes by Jerobeam Fenderson.
Proved Records YouTube channel dedicated for experimental Hip-Hop, Funk & other genres.
SomaFM Webradio with various channels.
SoulSearchAndDestroy Vaporwave and other related genres music channel.
Sound Station Yotube channel for Vaporwave, Future Funk and other chill electronic music.
Vapor Memory YouTube channel dedicated to vaporwave and other related genres.
VibeCollector Uploads of various music albums.
You are Listening To Broadcasts of police scanners and other swell stuff.

Neocities (unclassifiable)

Cyberlife Repository of cyberpunk content.
Peelopaalu Gigantic unsorted link directory.
VHS MARONITE Maronite Catholic blog.

News and Politics

DISCLAIMER : I do not endorse a particular ideology/political movement. I just find stuff and stick it there for the sake of information.

A Library of Mine Egoist library.
Abolish Work Anti-work blog.
Accelerationist Aggregate Armementarium Compilation of content on Accelerationism and related subjects.
Anarchist Library Archive of anarchist texts.
Antiwar.com Anti-war, anti-imperialism libertarian-leaning news website.
Ballotpedia American politics encyclopedia.
Conservapedia Conservative wiki.
The Maple Monarchists Canadian monarchist blog.
Marxists Internet Archive Extensive marxist online library.
Mises Wiki Austrian Economics and Libertarian wiki.
MLM Library Marxist-Leninist-Maoist online library.
La Nouvelle Action Royaliste French Monarchist group.
Monarchists.Wiki Monarchist wiki.
Psychopolitcs library MEGA library on psychopolitics and media manipulation made by 8chan/8kun board /32/.
Reason Libertarian magazine.
Reclaim the Net Pro-free speech news and recommendation website.
Union Of Egoists Informational resources on egoism.
Wikibéral French libertarian wiki.

Religion and spirituality

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America Website of the American Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese.
Buddhist Digital Resource Center Collection of buddhist texts by the Buddhist Digital Resource Center.
Dhamma Wiki Wiki for Buddhism.
Early Church Fathers eBooks Collection Books on Early Christianity.
FUCKUP Discordian resources by FuckUpSolutions.
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Website of the American Greek Orthodox Christian Archdiocese.
The Holy See The Vatican's official website.
Internet Sacred Texts Archive Archive of various religions' holy and/or fundamental texts.
The Papal Encyclicals Online Archive of papal encyclicals and other important Catholic church documents.
OrthodoxWiki Wiki for Orthodox Christianity.
Orthodox Christianity Orthodox Christian publication.
Rigpa Wiki Wiki for Tibetan Buddhism.
SuttaCentral Early Buddhist texts.
The Temple of Solomon the King Massive MEGA occult library.
Theosophy Wiki Wiki for Theosophy and the Theosophical Movement.

Science and tech

/sci/ guide 4chan's science board's resources.
/sci/ wiki 4chan's science board's book recommendations.
/sec/ books MEGA Archive of computer security books by the /cyb/erpunk & /sec/urity general of 4chan's technology board.
3v4l Online PHP editor.
All About Circuits Expansive resources on electronic and electrical engineering.
alt.cyberpunk FAQ Archive of the newsgroup alt.cyberpunk FAQ.
AmigaOS Documentation Wiki Wiki for AmigaOS documentation.
Appropedia Wiki dedicated to sustainable living.
BeebWiki Acorn BBC Microcomputer and related computers wiki.
Chess Programming Wiki Wiki for programming computers to play chess.
Deskthority wiki Wiki for mechanical keyboards and other peripherals.
EduTech Wiki French wiki for educational tech.
Exo-Science Alternative science and medicine.
Fedora Project Wiki Wiki for the Fedora Linux OS.
FreeBSD Wiki Wiki for the FreeBSD OS.
freeCodeCamp Dev courses and tutorials.
Gentoo Wiki Wiki for the Gentoo Linux OS.
Gentoomen Library Torrent for massive library of tech books.
GhostBSD Wiki Wiki for the GhostBSD OS.
InstallGentoo Technology wiki of various imageboards.
JSCL Online Common Lisp to Javascript compiler,.
Linux Documentation Project Linux documentation.
Logical Increments Site for PC building and hardware recs.
Krebs on Security Blog of Brian Krebs, a journalist specialized in cybersecurity.
MDN Web Docs Web dev documentations by Mozilla.
Mineralogy Database Database of minerals and other resources.
MIT OpenCourseWare Web publication of thousands of MIT courses.
The Modern JavaScript Tutorial JavaScript tutorial.
NetBSD Wiki Wiki for the NetBSD OS.
NixOS Wiki Wiki for the NixOS Linux OS.
The Odin Project Web dev courses.
Online Spyware Watchdog Software reviews on the level of privacy they provide.
Open Source Society University Self-learning computer science curriculum.
Paleobiology Database Open database of paleontological data.
PRISM Break Database of software that doesn't participate in mass surveillance.
Schneier on Security Blog of Bruce Schneier, expert in cybersecurity.
SizeCoding.org Wiki dedicated to the creation of 256 bytes or less programs.
SQLBolt Interactive SQL exercices.
SQLZOO Interactive SQL exercices.
SS64 Command line reference for various tech.
Teach Yourself Computer Science Self-learning computer science curriculum.
Void Handbook Void Linux documentation.
W3Schools Tutorials mainly for web dev.
WikiSpecies Online encyclopedia of species.

Video games

3DBrew Nintendo 3DS homebrew wiki.
3DS Hacks Guide Nintendo 3DS hacking guide.
4chan's /v/'s Recommended Games Wiki Wiki containing games recommendations.
Atari 7800 Development Wiki Atari 7800 dev wiki.
Abandonware France French abandonware website.
Alpha Beta Gamer Website about indie games in development.
CompleteSoftmodGuide Nintendo Wii modding guide.
DreamAgain French SEGA Dreamcast fansite.
The Dreamcast Junkyard SEGA Dreamcast fansite.
Dreamcast-Talk SEGA Dreamcast fan forums.
DSi Guide Nintendo DSi modding guide.
E1M1 Magazine Boomer shooter magazine.
Emulation General Wiki Wiki dedicated to video game emulation.
freegames-online.info free games.
FREEINDIEGA.ME Indie games website.
GC-Forever Wiki Wiki about the Nintendo GameCube: game list, hardware modification and homebrew.
Glorious Trainwrecks Repository for scuffed and flawed games.
MegaDrive Development Wiki Wiki for SEGA MegaDrive hardware and software.
MobyGames Video game database.
Nesdev Wiki Wiki for Nintendo Entertainment System programming.
PlayStation 1 Development Network Sony Playstation 1 homebrew website.
PS Vita (TV) Hacks Guide Sony Playstation Vita modding guide.
r/360hacks Subreddit dedicated to Microsoft Xbox 360 hacking.
r/ps3homebrew Subreddit dedicated to Sony Playstation 3 hacking.
RogueBasin Online encyclopedia on rogue-like games.
SNES Development Wiki Super Nintendo technical documents and dev tutorials.
Something in the Direction of Exhibition Reviews of obscure games.
StrategyWiki Strategy game walkthroughs and guides.
Switch Guide FAQ Nintendo Switch hacking guide.
Valve Developer Community Official Source Engine documentation.
vgperson's Stuff Japanese media translated by vgperson. Mainly video games.
The Video Game Museum Retro video game website.
VitaDB Playstation VITA homebrew database.
Vita Development Wiki Playstation VITA dev wiki.
Viva New Vegas Fallout : New Vegas modding guide for a fully-modular vanilla-like experience.
Warp Door Indie games website.

Visual arts

8kun's /loomis/ resource hub 8kun drawing board /loomis/'s repository of various books and videos on the subjects of drawing, painting and animation.
Bad Webcomics Wiki Wiki for reviews of terrible web comics.
books on art stuff Mediafire folder filled with art-related books.
Open Drawing Books Archive of drawing book PDFs.
Save Lommis! by Alex Hays Archive of Andrew Loomis' books.