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The Dark Directory

Welcome to the Dark Directory, a list of assorted links to dark content.

Here, you will find everything about horror and weird content.

Please, do not hesitate to send suggestions.

WARNING: Some of the links may contain themes that may be disturbing, or even distressing to some. Please be advised.


/x/ Creepypasta Archive

(2015 Annex)
Massive archive of stories from 4chan's paranormal board, /x/, by the Bibliotheca Anonoma.
Deep sea threads & dive anon stories Text-to-Speech readings of spooky underwater stories from /x/.
Manor of Tian A party of adventurers explores a haunted mansion.
My best horror RPG OP recounts GMing a space horror RPG.
Random Encounters for Surreal Elevator Horror Brainstorming for ideas of strange happenins in a strange elevator.
Ruby Quest Collection of one of /tg/'s earliest quest thread series.
Spooky ideas Anons share spooky ideas.
Tales of Maine Guy Text-to-Speech readings of a compilation of legendary stories from a Maine taxi driver on /x/.


0blasphemian Strange, gory photomontages.
Andrea Hasler Meat-based contemporary artist.
Austen Mengler Digital artist with a colorful style, who often makes warped version of cartoon characters.
Cachet Freelance illustrator who makes creepy drawings.
CODEX NOIRMATIC Horror illustrator.
charcoalman Charcoal/pastel artist who draws horror art.
David Romero Freelance horror illustrator.
Dark Art Movement Art marketplace promoting "dark art".
DustyRayPaints Disturbing, red warping gouache paintings.
Fyyaa Horror illustrator & comic artist.
H.R. Giger The Official Website Official website of legendary macabre artist H.R. Giger.
Home Video Horrors Photo tributes to VHS cult horror movies.
Joshua Hoffine Horror photographer and filmmaker.
JRGDrawing Midwestern horror artist.
kieu Horror illustrator who makes monsters.
Kim Jakobsson Deformed, mutilated portraits.
Knoth Horror artist with varied styles.
Leech Spooky, cartoony art.
Leovincible Digital artist who makes creepy creatures.
lilcthulhu Russian horror illustrator.
Maéna Paillet Dark, eerie digital art.
Malcrow7 Horror artist.
Marc C Green Dark fantasy illustrator.
Marisa Bruno Horror illustrator and painter.
Morpheus Gallery Contemporary surreal and fantastic art gallery.
Museum of Macabre Art Gallery of dark works ranging from renaissance art to digital art.
Necronaut Studios 3D horror artist who dabbles in multiple medias.
Oleg Vdovenko Horror 2D/3D artist.
Olivier De Sagazan French artist known for his use of clay in performance art.
Paul Gerrard Character designer who often makes creepy art.
Romeck Digital horror artist.
Sara Renzetti & Antonello Serra Artists who makes very realistic organic creations.
sarcoma Horror illustrator.
ScribblesHorror Twitter horror artist.
SpaghettiBastard Horror comic artist.
TreehouseOfSpiders Horror artist with varied styles.
Trevor Henderson Artist who draws original creepy creatures.
Tomás Boersner Dark fantasy artist.
Virtual Museum of Zdzisław Beksiński Virtual gallery for Polish dystopian surrealist painter Zdzisław Beksiński's works.
Watchful Eye Black & white horror artist.
Wayne Barlowe Sci-fi, fantasy author and illustrator.
Zawadzki Art Virutal gallery for Polish dystopian surrealist painter Dariusz Zawadzki's works.

Conventions / Festivals / Organizations

A Night of Horror International horror film festival.
Crypticon Seattle Seattle horror convention.
The Dracula Society London gothic literature and travel group.
The H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society International organization for fans of H.P. Lovecraft.
Produced several Lovecraft-related creations such as movie adaptations.
New York City Horror Film Festival NYC horror film festival.
Screamfest Los Angeles horror film festival.
Sitges Film Festival Catalan horror film festival.
Spooky Empire Bi-annual multi-genre horror convention.


366 Weird Movies Website dedicated to list the best weird movies.
All Horror Horror movie database.
The B-Movie Film Vault B-movie reviews and news.
BlackHorrorMovies Website about movies featuring black characters.
Book of the Dead The Evil Dead fansite.
Deadites Online The Evil Dead fansite.
Fangoria The OG horror movie magazine.
fanofspooky Horror movie posters and GIFs.
Films-horreur.com Horror film news in French.
Friday the 13th: The Website Friday the 13th fansite and forum.
The Grindhouse Cinema Database Grindhouse exploitation movie database.
HalloweenMovies Official website for the Halloween series.
Heaven of Horror Website for horror movie & tv series.
iHorror Horror movie news website.
Internet Archive’s Sci-Fi / Horror films Internet Archive's collection of sci-fi and horror movies.
The Hellbound Web Hellraiser fansite from the Usenet era.
Horreur.net Horror film database in french.
Nightmare on Elm's Street Companion Nightmare on Elm's Street fansite.
Outpost #31 The Thing fansite.
The Overlook Hotel The Shining fansite.
RINGU FAN The Ring fansite.
Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard B-movie review website.
TEEN HORROR FACTORY Teenage horror movie reviews and info.
Troma Official website of B-movie production company Troma.
Notable for producing the Toxic Avengers series and other exploitation movies.
Universal Monsters Universe Website dedicated to the Universal Monsters movie franchise.
The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre Huge list of weird and disturbing movie reviews.

General stuff

/x/ Librarian General spooky stuff.
Bloody Disgusting News and reviews for anything horror.
Buried.com Horror catalog.
Dread Central Horror news and reviews.
Folk Horror Magpie Folk Horror enthusiast.
Folk Horror Revival & Urban Wyrd Project Website dedicated to Folk Horror subgenre.
Found Footage Critic Found footage database.
HauntedHouse.com US haunted house catalog.
Also has an horror content directory.
Horreur Québec French-Canadian horror website.
Horror.net Horror directory.
Horror Asylum Horror entertainment news and reviews.
Horror DNA Horror entertainment news and reviews.
Horror News Horror entertainment news and reviews.
Horror Society Horror entertainment news, reviews and other.
Kanoguti Japanese multimedia outsider artist.
Morbidly Beautiful Horror entertainment website.
r/analog_horror Subreddit for analog horror content.
r/horror Horror content subreddit.
Revelations: The Official Clive Barker Website Official website of Clive Barker.
Rue Morgue Horror entertainment news.
SCREAM Horror entertainment magazine.
WHITEDESERT Collection of surreal and/or horror content.


Creepypasta Wiki Main repository for creepypastas.
Horror Writers Association Association of writers and publishing professionals, promoting horror literature.
Midnight Society Resources for horror writers.
NES Godzilla Creepypasta NES Godzilla Creepypasta's official website.
Project Gutenberg's Horror section Horror section of Project Gutenberg, an online library of free eBooks.
r/horrorlit Subreddit for horror literature.
r/nosleep Original horror writing subreddit.
RPC Authority Collaborative horror writing project about a mysterious organization capturing and researching strange entities.
Offshoot of SCP with a way more consistent canon.
SCP Foundation Collaborative horror writing project about a mysterious organization capturing and researching strange entities.
The original project.
Slimebeast Official forum and website of short horror story writer, Christopher Howard Wolf aka Slimebeast.
Too Much Horror Fiction Vintage horror literature reviews.
Wikisource's Horror section Horror section of Wikisource.


Cryo Chamber Dark Ambient record label.
The Dungeon Synth Archives YouTube channel dedicated to dungeon synth and other related genres.
Iron Cthulhu Apocalypse Dark Ambient artist.

Neocities (unclassifiable)

⌈Wired Sound For Wired People⌋ Lain.
The GIF Necronomicon Spooky GIFs galore.
Vampire Club All about vampires.
wired.entry.neocities Lain.

Real Life (medium agnostic)

Atlas Obscura Travel guide for strange places.
CIA's Reading Room Declassified CIA files.
Coast to Coast AM Famed paranormal radio show.
Darkness Radio Paranormal radio show.
Also has a true crime show.
Dead Rabbit Radio Paranormal, true crime, and conspiracy podcast.
Encyclopédie du Paranormal French wiki for paranormal subjects.
Fortean Times UK paranormal magazine.
GEIPAN - Groupe d'Études et d'Informations sur les Phénomènes Aérospatiaux Non-identifiés Official website of the French Space Agency unit in charge of reserching UFOs.
Complete with database and stats.
Merrylin Cryptid Museum Virtual museum dedicated to cryptobiologist Thomas Merrylin.
Mysterious Universe Paranormal news and podcast.
ObscUrban Legend Wiki Wiki for obscure cryptids and other weirdness.
The Paranormal Database Database for strange happenings mainly in the United Kingdom.
r/UnsolvedMysteries Subreddit about unsolved mysteries.
Touraine Insolite French forum dedicated to the paranormal in the historic province of Touraine.
UFOAlert.com UFO sighting catalog.

Twitter stories

3ème droite French serial about a very suspicious apartment building.
greg Greg goes to live in his late grandfather's house. Things don't go well.

Video games

/v/'s Recommended Games Wiki's Scary Horror & Mindfuck list List of recommended horror and weird games by /v/'s wiki.
Airdorf Indie game dev known for their home computer game style.
Biohazard France French Resident Evil fansite.
Blood Wiki Wiki for Blood series.
DreadXP Horor game news and reviews.
Also produces the indie horror game compilation series Dread X Collection.
Emil "Ace" Macko Creator of FNAF fangame series "Five Nights at Candy's".
Evil Resource Resident Evil fansite.
The Gorkhon Archives Pathologic fansite.
The Haunted PS1 Official itch.io page of the Haunted PS1 indie dev group who specializes in low-poly games.
Notably known for their demo discs.
Horror Game Aesthetics Twitter account run by @acserusx.
Regularly posts about horror games.
John Wolfe Horror let's player with a critical outlook.
KIRA KIRA's official website.
A indie horror game dev known for Lost in Vivo and Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion.
Kitty Horrorshow Indie horror game dev, knwon for their surrealist and psychological horror games.
LovelyHellPlace Indie horror dev who makes fantasy horror.
Makes other fine stuff like comics and animation.
LSD: Dream Emulator Wiki Wiki about PS1 surreal exploration game LSD: Dream Emulator.
Modus Interactive Indie game dev who specializes in low-poly games.
Puppet Combo Indie horror game dev and producer, known for their 80s aesthetics.
r/creepygaming Subreddit dedicated to creepy things in video games.
Rely on Horror Horror gaming website.

(Games he archived)
Indie game dev and let's player, dedicated to archive and play very obscure games.

a true gamer.
Scottworld Five Nights at Freddy's news channel.
shane yach Surreal horror indie game dev.
SHN Survival Horror Network No commentary, very high definition let's plays of survival horror games.
Silent Hill Memories Silent Hill fansite.
Skeletons in Video Games Right in the title.
STiP0 YouTube channel dedicated to the Dead Rising video game series.
Vidas Games Indie horror game dev known for the Timore series.
Yames Indie game dev, maker of warped worlds.
Yume Nikki Fan Game Archive Decentralized backup of hundreds of Yume Nikki fangames.

YouTube (webseries, compilations)

ALEXKANSAS Filmmaker who made analog horror series The Monument Mythos and other shorts.
Aquanta Films Creator of FNAF VHS series Little Reds Transfer.
Aspicio Omniam Creepy videos about people live in apartments.
Battington Creator of FNAF VHS series "Harmony & Horror".
Ben Wheele Creepy, surreal animations.
CH/SS ARG about a mental health outreach program.
Classic GM Videos Garry's mod horror web series about something hiding in the game.
Daisy Brown Vlogs of a young girl taking care of a weird creature.
Doom wiki Wiki for everything related to Doom
ECKVA Analog Horror series by Marble Hornets creator.
Eventide Media Center Analog Horror anthology.
GEMINI HOME ENTERTAINMENT Analog horror series told through various instructional tapes.
gunslingerpro2009 Garry's Mod channel with suspiciously lifelike ragdolls.
Harvester Emergency Alert System scenario maker.
I Am Sophie Rich influencer ARG.
KrainaGrzybowTV Polish webseries about a mysterious show called Poradnik uśmiechu.
LOCAL58TV The original analog horror series.
Made by Kris Straub of Candle Cove fame.
Marble Hornets The original Slenderman series.
Memory Hole Collection of rejected submissions to America's Funniest Home Videos.
nana825763 Japanese animator who makes "creepy cute" videos.
No Through Road Series of found footage shorts about getting lost on a road.
Noc +10 ARG about a underwtaer facility sending alert messages.
Nuke's Top 5 Spooky video compilations.
Petscop Series about someone documenting a mysterious PS1 game.
PilotRedSun Strange comedic videos which break animation rules to achieve weirdness.
POSTcontent ARG about a disturbed young man stuck in his home.
Robert Helpmann Videos on "Daisy", a corpse in a bodybag.
Sheriff Domestic Parody of Petscop.
Squimpus McGrimpus Creator of the original FNAF VHS series.
Tempest Universe Horror anthology series.
The Walten Files FNAF VHS series with an original universe and art style.
YOURLOCALBREADMAN Creepy surreal animated shorts.