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The Nifty Directory

An assorted bunch of links to a lot of neat stuff I found while browsing. There may be weird stuff sometimes but I will warn you if the weird is too much

I will try to update it quite often to quench your thrist for content.


Archiving Virtual Worlds Archive dedicated to the academic investigation and historical preservation of documentation of virtual worlds
Attention K-Mart Shoppers Archive of Kmart recordings
Bibliotheca Anonoma Internet Folklife Archive, mainly 4chan
The Eye Archive of a lot of stuff (software, books, websites...)


8kun's /film/ Non-mainstream cinema discussion board
4chan's /tv/ wikia 4chan's television and film board Wiki
366 Weird Movies Website dedicated to list the best weird movies
Karim Debbache Dailymotion channel of Karim Debbache, French film reviewer notable for his two series: Crossed (reviews of video game related movies) and Chroma
Media History Digital Library Online archive of various collections of printed media on film and broadcasts
Oneiric Cinema List of dream-like movies
The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre Huge list of weird movie reviews (Warning: some of the movies contains screwed-up themes and situations. Be aware.)


420chan Imageboard mainly dedicated to drugs and wrestling
The Post Office Comfy Imageboard
Uboachan Yume Nikki Imageboard


/int/'s How to Learn A Foreign Language Guide 4chan /int/'s official language learning wiki
DJT Guide Ressources for learning Japanese


Purdue Online Writing Lab General writing resources

Music and sounds

/mu/ wiki 4chan's music board Wiki
Freesound Database of sounds released under Creative Commons licenses
latestation /late/'s webradio
Oscilloscope Music Music made with oscillopscopes by Jerobeam Fenderson
SomaFM Webradio with various channels
The Dungeon Synth Archives YouTube channel dedicated to dungeon synth and other related genres
Vapor Memory YouTube channel dedicated to vaporwave and other related genres
You are Listening To Broadcasts of police scanners and other swell stuff

Neocities (unclassifiable)

⌈Wired Sound For Wired People⌋ A Classic. Praise Lain.
Cyberlife Repository of cyberpunk content
Peelopaalu Gigantic unsorted link directory

News and Politics

DISCLAIMER : I do not endorse a particular ideology/political movement. I just find stuff and stick it there for the sake of information.

Accelerationist Aggregate Armementarium Compilation of content on Accelerationism and related subjects Anti-war, anti-imperialism libertarian-leaning news website
Marxists Internet Archive Extensive marxist online library
Psychopolitcs library MEGA library on psychopolitics and media manipulation made by 8chan/8kun board /32/

Religion and spirituality

Buddhist Digital Resource Center Collection of buddhist texts by the Buddhist Digital Resource Center
Dhamma Wiki Online encyclopedia for Buddhism
Early Church Fathers eBooks Collection Books on Early Christianity
Internet Sacred Texts Archive Archive of various religions' holy and/or fundamental texts
OrthodoxWiki Online encyclopedia for Orthodox Christianity
Rigpa Wiki Online encyclopedia for Tibetan Buddhism
The Temple of Solomon the King Massive MEGA occult library


3v4l Online PHP editor
alt.cyberpunk FAQ Archive of the newsgroup alt.cyberpunk FAQ
InstallGentoo Technology wiki of various imageboards
Logical Increments Site for PC building and hardware recs
Krebs on Security Blog of Brian Krebs, a journalist specialized in cybersecurity
Schneier on Security Blog of Bruce Schneier, expert in cybersecurity
SQLBolt Interactive SQL exercices
Teach Yourself Computer Science Self-learning computer science curriculum

Video games

Alpha Beta Gamer Website about indie games in development free games
FREEINDIEGA.ME Indie games website
Glorious Trainwrecks Repository for scuffed and flawed games
MobyGames Video game database
RogueBasin Online encyclopedia on rogue-like games
vgperson's Stuff Japanese media translated by vgperson. Mainly video games
Warp Door Indie games website
Yume Nikki Fan Game Archive Decentralized backup of hundreds of Yume Nikki fangames